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Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back After Fox News Calls His Biden Interview 'Insanity'

Biden's visit "gives the gang at Fox News something to scream about all week," says Kimmel.
  • After news broke that President Joe Biden will be appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Wednesday, Fox News pundits spent the day complaining that the late-night appearance means Biden isn't taking his presidency seriously.

    "President Joe Biden will be stopping by," Kimmel said on his show Monday night. "He will be here, which is nice because it gives the gang at Fox News something to scream about all week."

    Kimmel then played a clip of Fox News pundits expressing their outrage and calling the president's late-night appearance "the land of insanity in which we all live."

    "Oh, I see, what I do is insane," Kimmel responded. "You guys telling us we should arm P.E. teachers to protect kids, that makes sense. Tucker Carlson giving Vladimir Putin a reach-around every other night, sane. President on a late-night talk show? Insane. Got it."

    Kimmel added, "Meanwhile, Donald Trump — you remember the guy who took his presidency so seriously he had time to meet with Kanye West, and Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent, and Lil Wayne, and the My Pillow guy who knows how many times, and also watch TV all day?"

    Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 PM ET on ABC.

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