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7 Questions We Need the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All to Answer

The three-part event kicks off December 4, when we'll find out the fates of Daniele and Yohan, Kim and TJ, and more.
  • Clockwise: 90 Day's Brandan and Mary; Kirsten and Julio; Sarper and Shekinah; Kenny and Armando (Photos: TLC)
    Clockwise: 90 Day's Brandan and Mary; Kirsten and Julio; Sarper and Shekinah; Kenny and Armando (Photos: TLC)

    The 90 Day Fiancé Tell All episodes have reached the same level of spectacle as any of Bravo’s notorious post-season specials/reunions. They even require multiple nights to capture all of the revelations, receipts, and relationship hard launches. The Season 5 installment looks to be no exception — the promo shown at the end of the finale this week teased multiple cheating scandals and at least one gauntlet being thrown (though it doesn’t seem likely that Kimberly will return to India, even if it’s to fight someone twice her age).

    We’re always left with questions at the end of any given 90 Day Fiancé season (which made the lack of a reunion for The Last Resort especially disappointing). But the Season 5 finale, which aired on November 27, ended in a more abrupt manner than we’re used to — with a primal scream, as Kimberly reached her breaking point (again) with Tejaswi.

    Watching the accompanying Pillow Talk episode didn’t offer much clarification, as all those alums could only shake their heads or gape when Daniele revealed that Yohan has made a whole side gig of cheating on her (he did say he wanted to make more money), and Tejaswi told his mother that his new wife is ruining his life. Despite being a part of the 90 Day universe, these relatively happy couples — and a couple of singles — aren’t privy to much more info than those of us scouring Reddit for clues about who’s still together post-finale.

    And so, ahead of the three-part Tell All, which kicks off December 4 on TLC and Discovery+/Max, we’ve put together the biggest questions we have for the couples. Host Shaun Robinson definitely has her work cut out for her.

    Daniele and Yohan: Just How Far Does The Cheating Scandal Go?

    To say that Daniele and Yohan’s relationship has been on a bumpy road would be a serious understatement. The couple got married in 2021, despite having communication issues and very different plans for their future: He wanted her to financially support him, and she wanted… not that. She seems fine with covering the larger bills, like rent, but Daniele’s made it very clear that she doesn’t want a “kept husband.”

    She said as much during the Other Way Season 4 Tell All, which prompted their breakup on camera. Daniele and Yohan got some counseling between seasons, though, and started off Season 5 together, even making plans to have a baby via an egg donor. Things quickly fell apart, though, as Yohan and Daniele continued to fight over their lifestyle — he felt his American wife should put him in more luxurious surroundings, and she told him she wasn’t that kind of American wife. Their arguments grew more explosive, especially after the one-two punch of finding out Yohan had taken money from her account without asking, and oh yes, HE’S APPARENTLY BEEN CHEATING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS.

    In the November 27 episode, “Stranger Things Have Happened,” as she packed up their apartment (which Yohan had left a month earlier), Daniele dropped a bombshell: Yohan’s been in a relationship with another woman for the last two years. Naturally, he did not tell her this; she found out via the other woman, who wants to know if they’re actually getting divorced (that other woman should probably run, too) because he’s already asked for money to fight Daniele in court — over what, we can’t say. Daniele’s talking heads are accompanied by a series of screenshots from the woman, who probably has no idea how oblivious she sounds when writing things like “this is a very uncomfortable situation for me” to the woman married to her boyfriend.

    So, we’re wondering — if this all came out halfway into the finale, what other revelations can we expect from the Tell All, where Daniele has promised she’ll share “all of the receipts” on Yohan’s extramarital activities? Will the other woman make an appearance? Yohan didn’t opt out of appearing, does he have some plan to deny or counter all of these accusations? And, most important of all, is their dog okay after that bit of custodial interference??

    Kimberly and Tejaswi: Are They Still Together After That Screaming Match?

    Daniele and Yohan’s storyline was easily the most melodramatic of all this season, but Kimberly and Tejaswi gave them a run for their money. The couple, whose three-day wedding celebration was captured by the cameras, even share Daniele and Yohan’s communication issues — though that seems to be due to immaturity and obstinance rather than a language barrier. Tejaswi repeatedly admitted on camera that he was keeping the realities of daily Indian life from Kimberly, because he knew she would object. (At least he told his wife, who is of Italian descent, ahead of time that she wouldn’t be able to cook with garlic.)

    In perhaps the least shocking development this season, Kimberly did not take this information well when she finally received it. When she appears in the finale, three-quarters of the way in, Kimberly reveals three months have passed since their wedding. She says she’s been isolated the whole time, with TJ at work and his family still being inhospitable. Plus, she says not being able to speak Hindi means she can’t go out and about (which the Pillow Talk-ers all point out isn’t really an excuse).

    TJ’s already gotten an earful from his mom and brother, so he tries to play things off when he does sit down with a very glum-looking Kim. He tells her he can’t put her before work, since he’s supporting everyone right now, which does make him sympathetic, but he squanders that good will by having kept all of this from her until they got married. Kim’s gathering a head of steam the whole time they’re talking, though, and it goes off in the final moments of the episode.

    Once she shrieks — an absolutely wild moment; even Brandan’s mom Angela didn’t shriek when she was swarmed by bugs at his and Mary’s wedding! — TJ basically tells her to go back to the U.S. She yells “I hate you” as he slams the door. TJ’s family also thinks they should both go their separate ways, though that’s colored by the fact that they haven’t exactly been welcoming. But the big question is, are Kimberly and Tejaswi still together? 

    Brandan and Mary: Is He Finally Stepping Up as a Partner and Parent?

    Brandan and Mary may be the youngest of the bunch, but they’ve gone through their fair share of ordeals — having to raise themselves or be raised by grandparents led to serious abandonment issues. Their respective families had their own concerns about the marriage: Mary’s grandfather wanted to make sure Brandan was a responsible and respectful partner, and his mom thought their relationship was overwhelmingly toxic.

    Mary fought hard for the relationship, though, setting aside her jealousy (or at least, working through it) and setting up a new business for them, while also preparing for the arrival of their baby. Brandan, meanwhile, acted like he was on vacation, keeping late hours and only occasionally helping his fiancé at their shop. An exasperated Mary sought help from her future mother-in-law Angela, who had reconcile her feelings about her estranged son moving across the world just as they were reconnecting (it took her a while, but she got there).

    The day of their wedding, which was descended upon by bugs in what looked like some kind of unofficial Biblical plague, Mary seemed optimistic about the future. When Brandan promises in the finale that he’s going to step up, she calls this a “fresh start” for them. But, again, we’ve seen the promo, which includes an unsettling moment in which Brandan describes how angry he gets at Mary (and how he’s still playing video games). Is that just another fakeout or a small bump in the road, or is Brandan still letting his family down?

    Kirsten and Julio: Why Did He Really Change His Mind About Moving to Amsterdam?

    Just when it seemed like we could write off Julio and Kirsten’s relationship as a non-starter, the promo for the Tell All hints at another cheating scandal on The Other Way.

    To recap: Julio was supposed to move to Amsterdam to be with Kirsten, but something was off from the beginning. He didn’t tell his mom, whom he seems very close to, that he was planning to move, instead waiting until Kirsten was in town to drop that bombshell during a family dinner. Kirsten was clearly upset about being positioned as a wedge between Julio and his family, but their troubles were only beginning. Julio then began to express doubts about moving at all; and, if he did, suggested that they keep separate residences to start. They broke up over video call, to add insult to injury.

    Whether Julio’s an fboy or a mama’s boy is up in the air, but it looks like Kirsten may also be guilty of some shadiness. When asked if he thinks Kirsten cheated on him, he claims to have evidence of it. This could be some classic 90 Day promo misdirection, but it could also be the real reason why he chose not to move to Amsterdam.

    Shekinah and Sarper: Is He Really Okay With Not Having Another Child?

    Sarper, the man of 2500 lovers and even more empty vials of bronzer, disavowed his playboy ways to be with Shekinah, a single mom who admitted to having bad judgment when it comes to men. They hit a few snags when Sarper dragged his feet about hard launching their relationship on social media and made a bad first impression on her sister Shariyah. At least he finally bought a new bed and headboard.

    The real obstacle came late in the season, when Sarper, who’d previously confessed to Shekinah that he has an adult son he never sees, tried to convince her to have another kid, despite knowing how difficult it was to raise her teen daughter mostly on her own. He gave her an ultimatum, and she called his bluff.

    In their final moments together in the finale, Sarper pleads with Shekinah to take him back. When he claims that having a kid isn’t really important to him, she’s skeptical. But then he says he would never push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, and promises not to reopen the discussion down the road. Shekinah is mollified by what does seem like a sincere apology. But has Sarper held up his end of the bargain in the time since production ended?

    Holly and Wayne: Is Their Marriage Over?

    We’ll admit, we didn’t find this relationship nearly as compelling as the others in Season 5 (we’re not the only ones; this couple barely features in the finale). There was some messiness: cryptocurrency losses and a lot of barefoot running through South Africa. 

    Holly struggled with living in South Africa — she didn’t realize the toll that the security concerns and brownouts would take. Her concerns were valid, his response less than comforting. This is both an incredibly straightforward conflict and one that’s difficult to resolve: They can’t just change tacks and decide to have Wayne move to the U.S., because the immigration process is much more involved. Their personal hang-ups still loom, too: Holly is admittedly flighty about marriage (this is her third), and Wayne is insecure about being the breadwinner (hence, the crypto bets).

    It looks like Holly does some more running while crying during the Tell All, so if they haven’t broken up yet, are they going to do so at the reunion? If they do, they probably won’t be the only ones.

    Kenny and Armando: Wouldn't They Rather Be on Happily Ever After or Their Own Spin-Off?

    Simply put, Kenny and Armando may be loved by the 90 Day community, but they're no longer fiancés and Kenny has already gone The Other Way. They've been married for more than two years and seem happy in their new home in Mexico City; they've already joined the Pillow Talk crew. As genial as their presence may be, it doesn't really suit the milieu of The Other Way. Maybe there's enough good will here for them to get their own spin-off, but, like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Crystal Kung Minkhoff, they're too settled/stable to be a part of this particular franchise.

    The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way three-part Tell All begins December 4 at 8:00 PM ET on TLC, and also streams on Discovery+ and Max. Join the discussion about the show in our forums.

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