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Hollywood's Funniest Couple is Joining The Umbrella Academy

It won't be the first time that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have acted alongside each other.
  • Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (Photo: Jason Smith/Everett Collection)
    Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (Photo: Jason Smith/Everett Collection)

    Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are joining the final season of Netflix’s hit series The Umbrella Academy, where they will play a “mild-mannered married couple named Jean and Gene, who are college professors.” The news comes following rumors that the duo would be among several new faces joining Season 4, and Mullally confirmed their entrance into the Netflix universe to ET at the Party Down Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles.

    “I mean, the deal’s not quite closed but let’s just pretend it is,” she said, also revealing that filming is set to begin “in a couple of weeks.”

    It’s not the first time that the married couple have combined their comedic forces on screen, as both have made memorable appearances on each other’s respective TV projects. Offerman guest-starred on Will & Grace on two separate occasions; the first time as a plumber named Nick during a Thanksgiving special, and the second as a celebrity baker named Jackson Boudreaux, who starts a sensual relationship with the show’s titular characters. Though Offerman’s Will and Grace appearances had fewer interactions with his wife’s character of Karen, Mullally’s appearance on Parks and Recreation was the complete opposite, as she embraced her recurring role as the incomparable Tammy Swanson, Ron’s psychotic ex-wife.

    While the couple are most beloved for their comedy, they've also showcased their dramatic chops. Offerman’s performance in the third episode of HBO’s The Last of Us as Bill has received immense critical praise and attention. Interestingly enough, fans actually have Mullally to thank for convincing him to take the part when the original actor dropped out.

    “I had to convince [him] not because he didn’t love the script but because he was so busy,” Mullally explained. “And I said, ‘Well let me read it and I’ll tell you whether or not you’re gonna do it.’ I read it and I was like, ‘You’re doing it.’”

    Reflecting on the buzz, Mullally explained that she felt just as emotional as the rest of the fans watching the series and that she’s cleared space at home for a potential Emmy. “I started calling him ‘Episode Three,’” she teased. “I just call him ‘Episode Three’ around the house.”

    The final season of The Umbrella Academy may still be in the works, but fans won’t have to wait too long to watch Offerman and Mullally act alongside each other again, as Offerman will be making a guest appearance on the new season of Party Down. Mullally is reprising her role as Lydia Dunfree, alongside the star-studded ensemble which includes Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen.

    “It’s a great, great, great group and I think unusually so," said Mullally. "I would say of all the shows I’ve done, this is probably my favorite cast.”

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