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WATCH: John Oliver Gets the Giggles with Seth Meyers Making Fun of Queen Elizabeth II

The Brit isn't done poking fun at the late monarch.
  • John Oliver isn't finished getting in his jabs at the late Queen Elizabeth II.

    Fresh off his Emmy Award win for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, the Last Week Tonight host appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and discussed the fanfare surrounding the queen's death. When Meyers pointed out that the last time Oliver was a guest on his show, Prince Philip had just died, Oliver joked that he'd make a habit of it. 

    "You know, basically, whenever a senior royal dies, I will come here," Oliver said, laughing. "Just click your heels three times, and I will be here to give it the disrespect it deserves." 

    "It's been a very weird time in Britain," Oliver continued, while Meyers and the audience laughed. "This 10 days in forced mourning, apparently, has been very, very strange." Oliver then called the halting of football matches in the U.K. an act of "tangible class warfare", as cricket and rugby were allowed to continue in the wake of the queen's death, and chuckled about a British supermarket lowering "the sound of the beeps at the checkout out of respect for the queen dying."

    Oliver also addressed U.K. network Sky's censoring of a "fact with a kind of dickish inflection" he told about the queen, confused because he'd heard Her Majesty "had an incredible sense of humor." 

    "She was so funny. The Queen, she was razor sharp," Oliver jested. "Big comedy fan." 

    "I've watched a lot of anecdotes of people saying, 'she was so funny', and then they tell a story, and when it ends, you go, 'eh, I don't know'," said Meyers.

    "And there she was with Paddington... I'm watching a bear carry her comedically in that scene. She's giving that bear nothing back. There is one set of footprints in the sand, and it's a paw," laughed Oliver, sending Meyers into a new fit of giggles. "But she was a huge comedy fan!" 

    "Huge comedy fan," Meyers echoed. 

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