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U.K. Broadcaster Slammed for Cutting John Oliver's Queen Elizabeth Jokes

Viewers were not thrilled that Sky deprived them of the host's comments on the late queen.
  • John Oliver. (Photo: HBO)
    John Oliver. (Photo: HBO)

    U.K. viewers missed out on John Oliver's Queen Elizabeth II jokes, and they are not happy.

    Comcast-owned network Sky reportedly cut Oliver's jests about her late majesty, including "we need to start with the U.K., which is clearly still reeling from the shocking death of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes." The broadcast then skipped to a bit about new Prime Minister Liz Truss, leaving viewers confused and frustrated about the edit. 

    British audiences took to Twitter to drag the network for axing the short segment, calling "coverage and forced mourning here" "out of hand" and accusing Sky of censoring Oliver because he "says a few edgy things about the royal family."

    This isn't the first of Oliver's episodes to be censored in the United Kingdom; in 2018, Last Week Tonight's Brexit episodes were effectively cut for utilizing clips from Parliament. 

    Last Week Tonight took home its seventh consecutive Emmy Award for Variety Talk Series last night.

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