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Seeking Sister Wife's New Cast Members Aren't Wasting Any Time

After 20 years of trying to find the other one, Becky Ryan makes a bold move in this exclusive clip.
  • Becky Ryan (Screenshot: Seeking Sister Wife)
    Becky Ryan (Screenshot: Seeking Sister Wife)

    Reality TV has steadily been making room for polyamory with series like Couple to Throuple, though it’s looking like the dating competition format might be too conventional for such relationships. But the genre’s traditional approach might be the very reason for the longevity of polygamy-centered shows like TLC’s Sister Wives, which has reached 18 seasons. Well, that and the fact that when marriage is the goal, there’s always going to be a ton of drama. Meanwhile, Seeking Sister Wife has already launched a spin-off, Seeking Brother Husband, and is now entering its fifth season.

    Three new “couples-to-throuples” have joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife for Season 5: Nailah and Naeem Salahuddin, Shane and Ashley Sherwood, and Becky and Justin Ryan. They all bring their own issues and messiness to the mix — the Sherwoods’ potential new partner proves to be way more interested in Ashley, who is bisexual, than husband Shane (you can probably guess how he handles that news). The Ryans have been looking for a second wife for 20 years, and have made some headway with Stephanie. But when Stephanie shows signs of cold feet, Becky wastes no time trying to find someone else. In this exclusive clip from the show’s March 18 episode, she proves she has more game than her husband Justin (who admits as much).

    Of course, even if this stranger at the bar is willing to hear Becky and Justin out, there’s still a long road to marriage. And, after 20 years of trying to find a sister wife, the Ryans might not be willing to start over again. But that’s not the only potential source of tension; TLC’s teased the arrival of Yary, a woman who is “just Justin’s type” and may want him to herself. (Maybe it’s the way he can’t seem to turn off the flashlight on his phone, despite being out in broad daylight.) Seeking Sister Wife might have gotten some new blood for Season 5, but it looks like a lot of the problems will remain the same.

    Danette Chavez is the Editor-in-Chief of Primetimer and its biggest fan of puns.

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