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Jeramey, Sarah Ann, and Trevor Tell All in the Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion

Nick and Vanessa Lachey left no stone unturned as they addressed the season's off-screen drama.
  • Sarah Ann, Jeramey, Trevor, and Jessica during the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion (Photo: Netflix)
    Sarah Ann, Jeramey, Trevor, and Jessica during the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion (Photo: Netflix)

    In recent years, the real Love Is Blind drama hasn't happened in the pods or in spacious hotel rooms in Mexico — it's played out on social media, where rumors have swirled about cast members' suspicious behavior and past indiscretions. Season 4 brought us conspiracy theories about Kwame Appiah hiring an actor to play his sister on the show (a claim he denied), while Season 5 participant Renee Poche confirmed her engagement to Carter Wall was cut from the show entirely. (Poche and another Season 5 cast member, Tran Dang, have filed lawsuits against production companies Kinetic Content and Delirium TV, which have denied all allegations.) These off-screen controversies have become just as interesting, if not more, than what airs on Netflix, but they've barely registered during the reunions, with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey either mentioning them briefly before moving on, or ignoring them altogether.

    That finally changed in the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion. During the 90-minute event (which wasn't live, but was taped in front of an audience of former cast members) the cast's off-screen drama and TikTok rumors about the season took center stage as the Lacheys grilled the group about "every single scandal that has been gripping [fans] over the past few weeks."

    Rather than waste viewers' time, the hosts kicked things off with a major revelation, although it's hardly surprising if you've been keeping tabs on Sarah Ann Bick's social media accounts. Sarah Ann shared that she and Jeramey Lutinski — whose engagement to Laura Dadisman imploded after he and Sarah Ann spent an entire night "talking" — have been together since the lake party, the same event where Jeramey and Laura called it quits for good. Sarah Ann and Jeramey are now living together (seemingly in his sparse apartment), and they seem happy enough, even if Chelsea Blackwell insisted "they're broken up every time" she sees them.

    "We've had our ups and downs, but we did realize, fighting through things continuously, that we do love each other," said Jeramey. "And since we've been there, I'm not going to say everything's perfect, but we're still fighting for that every day."

    With the spotlight already on Jeramey, the Lacheys zeroed in on one of the biggest off-screen controversies to emerge during the season: Jeramey's prior engagement. When Season 6 first premiered on Netflix, Jeramey's ex-fiancée accused him of being "engaged and living with someone" when he applied to be on the show, an allegation he refuted in an Instagram post. Jeramey repeated that version of events during the reunion — he maintains that he and his fiancée broke up in Summer 2022, a few months before a casting director reached out to him about the show — and both Laura and Sarah Ann confirmed that he said he was recently engaged in the pods.

    In a true display of learning from one's mistakes, Nick then asked Sarah Ann about a video in which she bragged about how Love Is Blind "is meant to entertain" viewers, above all else. "Be very, very clear about this right now: Was this all just for entertainment?" he asked. When Sarah Ann insisted there's nothing "fake" about her relationship with Jeramey, Vanessa accused her of creating a "disconnect between what's happening on the internet, and what's happening in real life."

    "That was, to be quite frank, to put out entertainment of my own," said Sarah Ann, clearly surprised by Vanessa's follow-up and Laura's insistence that she and Jeramey "made a mockery" of her life. "But no, I think the experiment does work. I mean, I'm sitting next to someone that I love with all my heart. And in my pursuit of love, hearts got broken. And I apologize for that."

    With the Jeramey-Sarah Ann-Laura situation handled — all Laura wanted was for them to take "accountability" — the Lacheys turned their attention to Season 6's other major scandal, Trevor Sova's rumored girlfriend. In the pods, Trevor won Chelsea over with his seemingly sweet nature, but he was left heartbroken when she chose Jimmy Presnell over him... or so viewers thought. According to text messages released by content creator Reality Ashley, Trevor had a serious girlfriend throughout production; screenshots show that after leaving the pods, Trevor texted his girlfriend that he's "going to marry" her and "had to pretend that this wasn't real life" to get through the experiment.

    Trevor has remained quiet about the scandal for weeks, but he couldn't avoid it during the reunion. (Netflix even employed a clock counting down to his big appearance, which was hilarious.) If Jeramey and Sarah Ann came off poorly as they attempted to clarify the timeline of their relationship, Trevor looked even worse. He insisted that though he and the woman were "close" before filming, he was "not dating her, technically," so he took the opportunity "to try to experiment with something else."

    "I wanted to meet somebody that I wouldn't go for in real life," said Trevor. "It's f*cked up that I acted like that with someone else right before going on and right after, but I went in with the mindset that like, I will find someone. Like, I wanna try it."

    During a tense back-and-forth with Nick, who called out Trevor's "unfair" behavior, Trevor tried (and failed) to clean up his mess, insisting his previous relationship was "so f*cking toxic" and he "need[s] a lot of, like, therapy" to make positive changes in his life. His half-hearted apology didn't land with anyone on the set, but in a show of maturity, the cast declined to give him any additional airtime by truly laying into him.

    Instead, Nick gave a lengthy speech about why Love Is Blind offers a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to find love. "We do not want people to come here motivated by fame," he said, in the first on-camera acknowledgment that the show has entered its postmodern era. "It's not fair to the audience, and most importantly, it's not fair to the people right here — the people who have invested genuinely in what this thing is truly, truly all about. It's just wrong. It really is. For people who come here with ulterior motives, we've gotta call you out for it. So, Trevor, I know you asked to leave. You can leave now, man."

    Nick's monologue opened the door for the reunion to return to more familiar ground, as Amber Desiree "AD" Smith and Clay Gravesande relitigated their at-the-altar breakup and discussed the possibility of getting back together. While Clay maintained that he "made a mistake" by saying "no" at the altar — "I love you. You are the love of my life, and it was a mistake," he said — AD has closed the door on rekindling their romance. Still, she's happy Clay has put in the work to grow as a man, and they emerged from the reunion on good terms.

    After running through some questions from fans — "Were condoms not an option?" one asked of Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre's season-long debate over birth control — Jimmy found himself in the hot seat as Jessica Vestal, his other pod connection, called him out for "throwing [her] under the bus" in a recent interview. Oddly, Jimmy spent more time sparring with Jessica than he did reflecting on his relationship with Chelsea, which ended just days before their planned wedding. The two agreed that Chelsea bringing up a private conversation on-camera played a key role in their breakup, and he apologized for trying to make things work even after they'd reached the point of no return. "The right decision would've been for me to let you go at that point," he said. "But I drug it on partially because we loved each other so much."

    The reunion ended with some incriminating footage of Matthew Duliba, who made almost identical promises to AD and another woman, Amber, in the pods. Despite his dramatic exit, AD revealed she and Matthew went on a few dates after her breakup with Clay, but things fizzled out on their own. That's probably for the best: AD deserves someone who doesn't consider himself a modern-day Superman.

    All told, the Love Is Blind reunion, like Season 6 itself, righted the ship after a few lackluster outings. It's not quite fair to call this a return to form for the franchise, as the reunion succeeded precisely because producers embraced a new tactic and leaned into the off-screen drama. So, let's raise a golden goblet and toast to positive changes — it took two seasons too many to get here, but at least we've finally made it.

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