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The Winchesters Trailer: Supernatural Prequel Introduces a New Pair of Demon Hunters

Jensen Ackles returns as Dean Winchester to narrate the series.
  • Demons don't stand a chance in the new trailer for the highly-anticipated Supernatural prequel The Winchesters. Featuring Jensen Ackles narrating as Dean Winchester, who is on a journey to learn the truth about his parents, the three-minute preview gives fans a glimpse into the beginning of John and Mary Winchester's journey as demon hunters.

    The trailer shows the night that John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly) met, which included an all-out brawl between the couple and a sinister creature. Impressed by her abilities and eager to learn more, John discovers that Mary was raised to be a demon hunter before her father went missing. The night prompts John to begin a search into his past, and he learns his mother is hiding information about his own father. The pair decide to work together with their friends, Latika (Nida Khurshid) and Carlos (Jojo Fleites), to hunt demons and find out more about their mysterious fathers.

    The Winchesters premieres this fall on The CW.

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