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WATCH: Ontario Premier Doug Ford Swallows a Bee on Live TV

Ford drank some water and carried on with his press conference.
  • It was a perfectly normal news conference for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who was in Dundalk discussing healthcare, until things took a turn as he swallowed a bee live on air.

    In a video from the presser, a bee can be seen buzzing around Ford. He continued to speak, occasionally swatting the bee away before it landed on his lip and flew into his mouth.

    Ford began coughing and said, "Holy Christ! I just swallowed a bee!" He appeared to reach into his mouth to get the bee out before resigning himself to the fact that he had swallowed it, telling concerned reporters, "I'm good, he's down here buzzing around right now."

    The premier drank some water and gestured to his stomach, adding, "He has a lot of real estate."

    The reporters and Ford laughed as the Premier continued to make jokes about how the moment would surely go viral. "This is going to be replayed over and over again," he said.

    But the bee wasn't done with Ford quite yet.

    "Holy crap he's wedged in my throat. Sorry guys," he said. "Little bugger got away in there. I'm okay. He's buzzing in there. Man, he went right down the hatch."

    Over the next few minutes, the crew tried to move on with the news conference, but Ford couldn't contain his laughter, saying, "This is a classic! Sorry guys. This is a good one. I'm going to be howling tonight watching this tape."

    "I can't even remember what we're talking about," he continued. "I'm going to be rushing to the hospital to get this bee out of here."

    Luckily it seems Ford didn't require a trip to the hospital, but he was certainly right about the moment going viral.

    Kirstie Renae is a writer, blogger, and Austin-based actress with a penchant for binge-watching TV with her dogs. Follow her on Twitter @KirstieRenae.

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