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Mandy Moore Threw Up After Reading This Is Us' Penultimate Episode Script

"You might need a day off from work," the actress warned viewers.
  • Mandy Moore stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to preview the final two episodes of This Is Us, and she cautioned against eating a big dinner before tuning in. Moore told Fallon that after reading the script for the penultimate episode of the series, she became so emotional that she threw up.

    "I will tell you that the penultimate episode, which airs in, like, a week — I threw up after I read it," said Moore. "And maybe that's just because it's really close to the bone for me. Like, this has been my life for the last six years, and it's like I simultaneously have to say goodbye to the character, to my family and friends on set, and this character's also coincidentally saying goodbye as well, so there's a lot wrapped up in it. But I still think that, like, you might need a day off from work."

    However, Moore promises the hit drama will end on a more positive note. "The finale is a bit more of a hug. I think there's a little bit more levity," she said. "Yeah, the second-to-last destroyed me. I have a feeling it might destroy people, too."

    The penultimate episode of This Is Us airs next Tuesday, May 17 at 9:00 PM ET on NBC, with the finale scheduled for Tuesday, May 24.

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