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MAGA Supporters Ignore the Facts as Jordan Klepper Asks About January 6

"It might be one of those clones," one Trump supporter said after seeing Ivanka Trump's testimony.
  • The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper brought his "Fingers the Pulse" segment to Mississippi Thursday night to speak with MAGA supporters about the January 6 committee hearings.

    Klepper interviewed the MAGA faithful outside a Trump rally to see how they felt about the evidence against the former president and the incriminating comments made by former Attorney General William Barr and Trump's own daughter, Ivanka Trump.

    Most of the people Klepper spoke with said they weren't watching the hearings — and two women weren't aware of the insurrection at all. When asked what they thought of January 6, one of the women said, "I don't really know what happened on January 6 ... The election day?"

    In order to educate his interviewees, Klepper showed them footage of Barr saying Trump's electoral fraud claims were "bullshit" and Ivanka Trump saying she believed Barr. Still, though, most didn't believe the videos, with one Trump supporter saying the video of Ivanka "might be one of those — what do they got clones out there these days?"

    "Hot take, my friend," Klepper said of the clone theory. "It's almost like you're confronted with it, and your brain just does somersaults to figure out, there must be some other reason."

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