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WATCH: Justin Long Says It Was 'Wild' to Reconnect With Ex Drew Barrymore 'In Front of Strangers'

The actor told Jimmy Fallon about the emotional talk show appearance that has now gone viral.
  • Justin Long thinks his on-air reunion with ex Drew Barrymore was "wild". 

    During a sitdown on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Barbarian, Long briefly addressed the now-viral interview that saw him share a tearful reconnection with ex-girlfriend on her talk show last week. 

    "I saw you yesterday with Drew Barrymore on her show, and I thought that was fantastic," said Fallon, referencing their mutual friend and former co-star Barrymore. 

    "It was so nice to see her," said Long. "It was so good to... it was wild to do that in front of, you know, to reconnect in front of strangers... on TV!" 

    Barrymore also discussed the reunion with Fallon during her own Tonight Show appearance the night before. "You had your ex-boyfriend on..." Fallon began. "Justin Long... who I love dearly," Barrymore said. "I think there's such a rich conversation about our exes... Where does that friendship go?... If there was good, rich history there, how do we champion those people? How do we have them in our lives and in an appropriate way?" 

    The actress and talk show host also praised Long's partner Kate Bosworth, and expressed her gratitude that such a moment was able to happen at all. 

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