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WATCH: Drew Barrymore Sobs During Emotional Reunion with Ex Justin Long: 'I Will Always Love You'

The ex-couple shared laughter and tears on Barrymore's morning show.
  • There's no bad blood between exes Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. 

    In the season premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host reunited with ex Long, who she dated from 2007 to 2010. After a long hug, the two sat down and reminisced about their relationship, remembering how much they used to laugh. "I love that we've maintained our love," said Long. "I know from my end, it will never go anywhere. I'll love you always." 

    This prompted the two to embrace again as she sobbed, and Barrymore wiped away tears as they returned to their seats. "I feel like we’ve been through so much together too," she told Long. "When we used to talk and FaceTime I was always like, ‘you know, I’ve really grown up, Justin.’ I always wanted to prove to you what a different person I was than when we dated."

    "You were the best," Long replied. They lightened things up a bit as they revisted their "hedonistic" dating days, laughing about the "chaos" of their relationship. "I cherish that time," Long told Barrymore. 

    This isn't the first time Barrymore has hosted a former flame on her show; in 2020, she reunited with ex-husband Tom Green after 15 years apart. 

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