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New Docuseries Exploring Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Charges Underway

Tentatively titled Spacey Unmasked, the docuseries will follow Spacey's trials in the U.K. and NYC.
  • Kevin Spacey (Photo: Eli Winston/Everett Collection)
    Kevin Spacey (Photo: Eli Winston/Everett Collection)

    A Kevin Spacey documentary series is underway at U.K. broadcaster Channel 4.

    Spacey is currently facing multiple charges of sexual assault in the U.K. and will attend a second hearing next month, with a trial likely to be scheduled for the end of 2022 or early 2023. He is also facing a civil case in New York versus actor Anthony Rapp, who made a claim of sexual assault against Spacey in 2017.

    The new docuseries will be released in two parts and is tentatively titled Spacy Unmasked. The series will follow both Rapp's case in New York as well as the case in the U.K.

    According to the press release, "Spacey Unmasked [working title] will take a forensic look at one of the most powerful and respected actors in the world. From his childhood to his emergent success on Broadway and his meteoric rise to stardom, through to his spectacular fall from grace, as he now faces accusations from multiple men of grooming, sexual harassment and abuse."

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