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The D'Amelio Show Teaser Hints at Sibling Rivalry in Season 2

The second season of the Hulu series premieres September 28.
  • There is "a lot going on under the surface" when it comes to the D'Amelio family, according to the just-released teaser trailer for The D'Amelio Show's second season.

    The reality show's sophomore season promises an even more in-depth look at the D'Amelios, "from public relationships, to private struggles, to new pursuits." According to Hulu, TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio will struggle to separate their social media personas from their own sense of self while their parents, Marc and Heidi, try to protect their tight-knit family from pressure and public scrutiny.

    The Season 2 teaser hints at some on-camera sibling rivalry between Charli and Dixie, but that may be by design: at one point Marc D'Amelio tells his daughters he hopes they get along; in reply, Charli says, "I hope we don't, it will make for good TV."

    The D'Amelio Show Season 2 premieres on on Hulu September 28.

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