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The Chosen One Accident Survivor Doesn't Blame Driver Or Netflix Production

Actor Yeray Albelda was one of six survivors of the crash that killed two of his co-stars.
  • Netflix logo (Photo: Netflix)
    Netflix logo (Photo: Netflix)

    The Chosen One actor Yeray Albelda, a survivor of the car accident that caused the deaths of Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar, isn't pointing fingers at the van driver or Redrum, the production company for the Netflix series, for the crash.

    The driver is currently in custody while an investigation into the accident continues, but Albelda told Variety on Tuesday, "I made my statement to the police and I don't blame the driver or the production."

    Albelda, one of six survivors of the tragic crash, said that he doesn't remember the accident and is unsure what caused it. The vehicle was taking the actors to the airport when the van ran off the road and flipped. Having suffered multiple fractures and a concussion, the actor only recalls waking up in an ambulance. "I was told that I answered questions but don't recall doing that," he said.

    He also said he was told that multiple causes of the crash are possible, including a mechanical failure in the vehicle or the driver's effort to swerve and avoid a pothole or a deer.

    Despite not placing blame on anyone specific, Albelda acknowledged that those working on television and film sets are often pushed to their limits, saying, "Long days and nights are the norm in most productions, people are exhausted."

    Albelda's remarks come after those close to Cruz and Aguilar have claimed there were logistics and safety issues present throughout the production.

    "The conditions of the van were completely unfit for the purpose of transporting people; worn out tires, noisy brakes, loose steering wheel, not all seatbelts worked, easily identifiable signs of danger," said Rick Zazueta, a writer and friend of Aguilar.

    Alejandro Calva, the labor secretary of the Mexican actors union ANDA made a statement to the media, saying that the union is following the case closely. "We are calling for more stringent safety protocols to be followed and hope that this tragic event will bring some real change," he said.

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