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WATCH: Meteorologist Jim Cantore Hit by Flying Tree Branch During Live Hurricane Ian Report

The Category 4 storm made landfall this afternoon near Fort Meyers, Florida.
  • Jim Cantore. (Photo: The Weather Channel)
    Jim Cantore. (Photo: The Weather Channel)

    Meteorologist Jim Cantore was literally knocked off his feet this afternoon while covering Hurricane Ian. 

    Cantore was on the ground near Fort Meyers, Florida, reporting on the Category 4 storm in the middle of sustained 61 mph winds (gusts are reportedly up to 110 mph) when a tree branch blew into his legs, knocking him over. The Weather Channel reporter then fought to get up, lunging for a street sign for support while a stop sign collapsed behind him. 

    "I just can't stand up," he said, struggling to stand. "I'm gettin' blown over." 

    Cantore appeared to find shelter on a balcony later with fellow meteorologist Mike Seidel, who called Hurricane Ian "one of the worst hurricanes" he'd ever experienced. "It may be the worst in terms of covering over 25 years and 90 storms."

    "The ocean, the river and the gulf has taken over everything," Seidel continued, gesturing to the howling winds, surging waters, and violently thrashing trees behind him.

    Hurricane Ian is the fifth-largest storm to hit the U.S. mainland in recorded history. 

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