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The Boys Showrunner Is Sick of TV Shows That Are Like '10-Hour Movies'

"That drives me f*cking nuts, personally."
  • The Boys Season 3 (Photo: Prime Video)
    The Boys Season 3 (Photo: Prime Video)

    The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has had enough of TV shows that feel like "10-hour movies," he said in an interview with Vulture.

    In recent years, it seems that many streaming shows have essentially become long movies broken up into episodes. Ewan McGregor described Obi-Wan Kenobi as "one big movie" that "just happens to be split up into these episodes," while Anthony Mackie said The Falcon and the Winter Soldier feels like a "six or eight-hour movie."

    Kripke, though, is sick of that trend. Before working on Prime Video's The Boys, Kripke was known as the creator of the broadcast TV series Supernatural.

    Though he loves streaming and "can't see ever going back to network," he said, "The downside of streaming is that a lot of filmmakers who work in streaming didn't necessarily come out of that network grind. They're more comfortable with the idea that they could give you 10 hours where nothing happens until the eighth hour."

    "That drives me f*cking nuts, personally," Kripke continued. "As a network guy who had to get you people interested for 22 f*cking hours a year, I didn't get the benefit of, 'Oh, just hang in there and don't worry. The critics will tell you that by episode eight, shit really hits the fan.' Or anyone who says, 'Well, what I'm really making is a 10-hour movie.' F*ck you! No you're not! Make a TV show. You're in the entertainment business."

    The Boys is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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