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Queer As Folk Stars Throw Shade at SATC Reboot as They Rave About Kim Cattrall

"She's just very perceptive. I mean, clearly she avoided filming And Just Like That, so..."
  • Kim Cattrall in Queer as Folk (Photo: Peacock)
    Kim Cattrall in Queer as Folk (Photo: Peacock)

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published on Thursday, the Queer as Folk cast gushed about Kim Cattrall — all while dissing Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That.

    Though Cattrall only has a supporting role in Queer as Folk — she plays Brenda, the mother of two gay sons, Julian (Ryan O'Connell) and Brodie (Devin Way) — O'Connell and Way raved about working with the legendary TV star. "Samantha Jones had been acting as a surrogate mother for me for so long that it only made sense that she became my real TV mom," O'Connell said, referring to Cattrall's character on Sex and the City.

    O'Connell continued, throwing some shade towards HBO's SATC reboot: "Kim is so incredible. She's like, I don't know, she's just really f*cking cool. I feel like people are realizing that, based on her iconic interviews lately. She is so dry. She's so smart. She's just very perceptive. I mean, clearly she avoided filming And Just Like That, so."

    When Way met Cattrall, he expected her to be standoffish and unapproachable, but quickly learned that the opposite was true. "I met her and had all these projections of who I thought she was going to be," he said. "And then to find out that she was so much better than that, she was so much more."

    "When you think about an icon, you think about boundaries," Way continued. "You think about how the world receives them and feels like they have ownership to them. And I didn't want her to feel unsafe around [so] many of us. So I approached her with boundaries and when I got there and she really was arms open wide with me and was so gracious and loving and tender and sweet on set, it was like smelling the sweetest perfume. That is her essence."

    Queer As Folk is currently streaming on Peacock.

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