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James Corden Plays Joe Biden's Assistant in Late Late Show White House Visit

Corden also helped out in the Press Briefing Room and the White House kitchen.
  • On Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show James Corden stopped by the White House, where he filled in for different staffers, from kitchen workers to communications aides. Corden kicked off the segment by playing President Biden's assistant, incessantly issuing reminders about an upcoming meeting and bringing him snacks.

    As part of the White House tour, Biden showed Corden around the Oval Office. The president displayed a seemingly-valuable moon rock, though he admitted he has "no idea" how much it's worth.

    "If you find out, do you want to put it up on eBay? I reckon you'd get a lot for that," said Corden. "I've actually got a guy who's got an account. He could do that no problem. A lot of this stuff, worth a lot of money."

    Biden smiled and interrupted Corden to say, "You're getting me mixed up with the last president."

    In other moments from Corden's White House visit, he filled in as press secretary, taking — or dodging — questions from the press, served coffee in the White House cafeteria, and suggested a variety of new sunglasses for Biden to wear. The segment ended with Biden instead handing Corden a pair of aviators, as the two of them donned matching sunglasses in the Oval Office.

    The Late Late Show With James Corden airs weeknights at 12:35 AM ET on CBS.

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