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Lizzo Sings Her Hits, Talks Beyoncé on Carpool Karaoke

The singer also taught James Corden the viral "About Damn Time" TikTok dance.
  • On Monday, Lizzo joined a small but mighty group of celebrities to participate in "Carpool Karaoke," James Corden's popular segment in which he and his guest drive around town singing hit songs.

    The pair started out by singing Lizzo's hit "Good as Hell" before discussing how Lizzo got her infamous moniker, which she revealed came from a teenage nickname based on her real name, Melissa. Then they gave a lively performance of "Juice," much to the entertainment of an L.A. local sitting on a bench.

    Lizzo showed off her skills on the flute, which she has been playing since she was 12 years old. She explained the name of her flute, "Shasha Flute," was inspired by Beyoncé's alter ego Sasha Fierce.

    "When I was shyer, when I didn't think I was cool, and when I was getting picked on," she told Corden. "I would listen to Beyoncé in my bedroom and it would transport me. I would feel something, I would feel my life is gonna be better. There's hope for me."

    She went on to say that Beyoncé's music helped her during difficult times, revealing, "When I dropped out of college and I was really depressed, I listened to 'B'Day' on repeat and I would just sing 'B'Day' all the time. And I was like, 'I'm gonna be a singer, I'm gonna be a singer.' The way she makes people feel is how I want to make people feel with music. She's been my north star."

    When Corden asked if he should call Beyoncé, Lizzo teared up at the thought of speaking to her idol, who she says she's never met. But Corden cut the joke short, with Lizzo exclaiming, "You almost got me, you b*tch!"

    The ride wouldn't be complete without an homage to Queen Bey herself, so Lizzo and Corden jammed to "Crazy in Love," complete with some of Beyoncé's trademark choreography. The pair then finished the car ride with renditions of Lizzo's songs "Special," "Truth Hurts," and her latest single, "About Damn Time," for which Corden pulled over so Lizzo could teach him the song's viral TikTok dance.

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