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Hannah Waddingham is 'Strangely Obsessed' With Succession's Kieran Culkin

The Ted Lasso star says she adores Culkin as Roman Roy, "even though he's the most annoying little sh*t ."
  • Hannah Waddingham and Kieran Culkin (Photos: Everett Collection)
    Hannah Waddingham and Kieran Culkin (Photos: Everett Collection)

    Stars... They're just like us! Emmy-award-winning Ted Lasso actress Hannah Waddingham revealed that she is a huge Succession fan and that she has a strange affinity for Kieran Culkin's Roman Roy.

    Speaking to the "People Everyday" podcast, Waddingham shared that the HBO Drama is on her list of must-watch television shows.

    "I've been obsessive about [Succession] for the last few years," she told host Janine Rubenstein. "They are all at the top of the game."

    "I'm strangely obsessed with Kieran Culkin," she confessed, referencing Culkin's character Roman Roy. "Even though he's the most annoying little sh*t in it, but I just love him. I absolutely love him."

    The Ted Lasso star said she also loves Nicholas Braun, who plays cousin Greg, and Brian Cox, who stars as the Roy family patriarch.

    "The way Brian Cox barely has to raise an eyebrow and everyone crumbles [is] just magnificent," she said.

    Waddingham, Culkin, Braun, and Cox are all among this year's Emmy nominees, so perhaps she'll have the chance to share her love for Succession with the cast in person at the Ceremony on September 12.

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