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Toddler Chooses Razor Scooter Over Brand New Car in Shocking Generation Gap Twist

As part of a "Toddler's Choice" twist, a 5-year-old was allowed to choose his family's prize.
  • Five-year-old Andrew choosing the Razor scooter prize on Generation Gap (Photo: ABC/Raymond Liu)
    Five-year-old Andrew choosing the Razor scooter prize on Generation Gap (Photo: ABC/Raymond Liu)

    Kelly Ripa's new game show Generation Gap, which premiered on Thursday, kicked off its run with a shocking twist. At the end of the episode, a toddler was encouraged to choose a final prize, but when all was said and done, his family lost out on a car worth $25,000 — and only had a scooter to show for it.

    The show, inspired by the "Generation Gap" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, features kids competing with older generations in a cultural trivia game.

    On Thursday night's premiere, 75-year-old Marilyn and her 14-year-old grandson Nolan were working together as a team, and they correctly answered the bulk of the questions levied by Ripa. But in the episode's final moments, Ripa introduced a round called "Toddler's Choice," in which the family's youngest member got to choose the bonus prize.

    In this case, the decision was left to 5-year-old Andrew, who could choose between a new Kia Niro LXS worth around $25,000, or a Razor Crazy Car Shift scooter, worth under $300.

    "Drive and drift forwards and backwards, sideways and diagonally, at speeds up to 12 miles per hour in a brand new Razor Crazy Car Shift," said the announcer, trying his best to play up the lower-valued scooter.

    The five-year-old made his decision when he stood and walked over to the Razor scooter, as his family looked on in shock.

    "Literally my favorite game ever," said Ripa. The same can't be said for Andrew's family.

    Generation Gap airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET on ABC. Episodes are available to stream the next day on Hulu.

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