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The Countdown to For All Mankind Season 4 Begins With First-Look Teaser

Questionable prosthetics aside, this preview will fire up interest in the new episodes.
  • For All Mankind Season 4 (Photo: Apple TV+)
    For All Mankind Season 4 (Photo: Apple TV+)

    For All Mankind Season 3 threw the show’s alternate history space race into overdrive — what was once a contest between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. expanded to include a new competitor. Helios was much more than a would-be contender; until some fancy maneuvering on Dani Poole’s (Krys Marshall) part and Ed Baldwin’s (Joel Kinnaman) second thoughts, it looked like the privately owned space exploration company could beat NASA and Russian cosmonauts to Mars.

    But while NASA may have sort of won the day, and Ed and his daughter Kelly (Cynthy Wu) established a base along with Dani’s team, tragedy and subterfuge loomed around the corner. Series creators Ronald D. Moore, Ben Nedivi, and Matt Wolpert delivered one of their signature finales with “Stranger in a Strange Land”: a nailbiter full of bombast and heart, featuring another 10-year leap into the future, with Margo (Wrenn Schmidt) setting up shop in Russia, somehow.

    Fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out what happens to Margo, Kelly, Ed, Dani, and the rest of the FAM: Apple TV+ has just announced that Season 4 of this modern epic will premiere November 10, with episodes dropping every Friday through January 12, 2024. The streamer also shared the first teaser for the new season, which will begin with refreshing the astronaut candidate pool. According to the press release, the expansion of the Happy Valley base and establishment of a permanent colony will lead to a call to blue-collar workers to head to Mars — kind of like Armageddon, but without the asteroid threat.

    Yes, that’s Ed Baldwin’s voiceover in this preview disguised as a Helios ad — and yes, that’s Kinnaman in some, uh, interesting face prosthetics to denote Ed’s advanced years. There’s reportedly a five-season plan for the Baldwin family patriarch, who’s now lost his son and his ex-wife (Shantel VanSanten as Karen Baldwin), and seems to have been appointed to a new post at Helios. So, we suppose we’ll just have to get used to these makeup tricks.

    Along with Kinnaman, Schmidt, and Marshall, FAM veterans Edi Gathegi, Cynthy Wu, and Coral Peña will return for Season 4. New series regulars include Toby Kebbell, Tyner Rushing, Daniel Stern, and Svetlana Efremova, though their roles are as yet undisclosed. But even without any additional plot details, this teaser should fire up interest in the new season, which we can only hope will be Danny free.

    Danette Chavez is the Editor-in-Chief of Primetimer and its biggest fan of puns.

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