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Netflix Unveils Teaser, Premiere Date for Dead to Me's Final Season

The dark comedy returns for its last installment in November.
  • Dead to Me isn't dead quite yet. 

    Netflix announced today that the dark comedy will return for its third and final season on November 17, bringing the saga of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) to a close. 

    The series, which premiered in 2019, began with the two women forming an unexpected bond while they both mourned the deaths of their respective partners. When Jen found out Judy's jerk of a husband Steve (James Marsden) was still very much alive and was also responsible for the death of Jen's husband, however, things got a little complicated. By the end of the first season, Jen had bludgeoned Steve to death (and Judy winds up helping her hide the body). 

    Dead to Me's second season saw the duo grow closer than ever, dodging the police investigation into Steve's disappearance and navigating the appearance of Steve's twin brother Ben (also James Marsden) in their lives. The season left us on a bit of a cliffhanger; just as Jen and Judy's celebrate what feels like the beginning of a new chapter, their car is sidelined in a violent crash. 

    The teaser for Dead to Me's final season celebrates the ladies' unconventional connection with glimpses of them through the past two seasons, and in its last moments, reveals that they both survived the accident. "Can you get the f*cking doctor?" Jen asks a nurse, laid up in a hospital bed. "Can you please get the f*cking doctor?" Judy says, ever the sugar to Jen's spice. "I will do my f*cking best," the nurse replies, hand to his heart. That's all we get for now.

    In addition to Applegate, Cardellini, and Marsden reprising their roles, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler, Diana Maria Riva, Brandon Scott, and Suzy Nakamura are also set to return.

    Dead to Me returns for its final season November 17. The first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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