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Julie Chen Moonves says Xavier Prather may be the best-ever Big Brother winner

  • "He's only the third player to ever get an unanimous win… and in my humble opinion, he may be the best ever to do so," she tells EW. "Think about it: The first houseguest to ever do that was Dan Gheesling in season 10 (back then, the jury was only made up of seven people and he got all seven votes). The next time was only last summer when Cody beat Enzo in All Stars. Cody won in large part because he is a competition beast. The kid is unstoppable and so impressive. Xavier won by knowing when to lose and winning when he had to, and was liked and admired by all in the house. How many times have we ever seen that? In addition to winning all nine votes, not a single negative comment was made from any juror when it came time to insert the keys! If that's not proof of God and miracles, then what is?! I have to also give a nod, however, to Tamar Braxton. She too got an unanimous win, but it was not in a regular season. It was in our second season of Celebrity Big Brother, and that lasts only about three weeks as opposed to three months! She did provide me a lot of laughter and entertainment. My dream is to one day have a BB version of Mount Rushmore somewhere in the house. I see it being the faces placed in chronological order of unanimous winners: Dan, Tamar, Cody, Xavier, boom!"


    • Xavier Prather on making history as Big Brother's first Black winner: "It's kind of surreal," he says. "I wanted to make a difference. I wanted this season to be different from past seasons and luckily I had five other like-minded individuals in the house to help me with that goal and we accomplished it. And then I was fortunate enough to be crowned the winner. So it's incredible...Being the first Black winner in BBUS history is an honor. And it's something that the individuals of the Cookout came together to make happen because we felt it was something bigger than this game. Representation is important. And now we want little Black boys and little Black girls to see: Hey, there are ways to be successful. There are ways to make an impact without being an amazing entertainer or being a professional athlete. You can still be successful in other ways. We wanted to show that with this season, and we accomplished that."
    • Big Brother Cookout alliance responds to allegations of "reverse racism": "The first thing I'm gonna say is reverse racism does not exist it's literally impossible to have happen," said finalist Azah Awasum. "If people do feel that, I would like them to ask those questions to the jurors who met us with nothing but love when we all met them the final time (and) in jury."

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