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Trevor Noah Calls Out Kellyanne Conway in Contentious Daily Show Interview

The former Trump advisor sat down with Noah on Tuesday night to discuss her new memoir.
  • Kellyanne Conway found herself in the hot seat Tuesday night as The Daily Show host Trevor Noah interrogated her about her new book and her time in the White House. The former Trump adviser is a master of spin, but Noah shut down her attempts to skirt his hard questions and control their 15-minute conversation.

    Noah began the interview by asking one question: "Why have Kellyanne Conway on?" He added, "Some of my friends were like, 'Oh, she's going to lie to you. She's going to flip things around. She's going to spin this... Why?' That's what people are asking."

    Noah went on to press Conway about statements she made in her memoir, "Here's the Deal," including a claim that she told Donald Trump he lost the election in December 2020. Trump has insisted Conway is lying, prompting Noah to ask, "Let's say in that instance, it's you, it's Donald Trump, so who's telling the truth?"

    Conway gave a long, winding statement, telling Noah that Joe Biden is the president, without answering Noah's initial question. "No, no, I'm not asking about that," interrupted Noah. "The question I asked you was, who's telling the truth? That's honestly what I asked you. I didn't ask you about who's president, who's not president. I asked you about who's telling the truth, as in you told one side of the story, Donald Trump told another side of the story. And what you're telling me is ... his side of the story is not true."

    Despite his best efforts, Conway continued to evade the question, so Noah had no choice but to move on to other topics, including gun reform and how those conversations played out in the Trump administration.

    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11:00 PM ET on Comedy Central.

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