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Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Calls the Superhero a Queer 'Icon'

Carter insists Wonder Woman is "a superhero for bisexuals."
  • Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (Photo: Everett Collection)
    Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (Photo: Everett Collection)

    Lynda Carter, star of the 1970s Wonder Woman series, views the superhero as a queer icon.

    Carter posted a tweet on Wednesday with an image of Wonder Woman over a rainbow backdrop, writing, "Happy Pride! So excited to celebrate with all my LGBTQIA+ friends and fans."

    In the hours that followed, Carter received a number of overwhelmingly positive responses, save for one Twitter user who wrote, "Wonder Woman IS NOT A SUPER HERO FOR GAYS." Carter was quick to set the user straight, explaining, "You're right. She's a superhero for bisexuals," with a link to a 2016 Polygon article in which Greg Rucka, one of the creators of the comics, confirms that the superhero is "canonically queer."

    Carter added, "I didn't write Wonder Woman, but if you want to argue that she is somehow not a queer or trans icon, then you're not paying attention. Every time someone comes up to me and says that WW helped them while they were closeted, it reminds me how special the role is.”

    The original Wonder Woman series aired from 1975 to 1979. All three seasons are available to stream on HBO Max.

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