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Joe Pera Talks With You Canceled After Three Seasons on Adult Swim

"It was a lot to process," Pera says of the cancellation.
  • Joe Pera Talks With You (Photo: Adult Swim/Everett Collection)
    Joe Pera Talks With You (Photo: Adult Swim/Everett Collection)

    Joe Pera Talks With You has been canceled after three seasons on Adult Swim, Pera announced on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

    Pera's Tweet links out to a longer post on his website, in which he describes finding out the news while driving home from his tour and stopping for fast food. The note is written in the same meandering style as his TV show.

    "It was a lot to process, especially after meeting so many of you on the road who were so enthusiastic about it," wrote Pera.

    "We were really just getting going. This winter I spent three weeks in Marquette doing research (also drinking beer) and was filled with new ideas," he continued. "But mostly, it’s a shame that the characters' stories can't continue. I knew where things were headed but I won't say here cause part of me is holding out hope that sometime down the line we can film a proper ending for Joe, Sarah, the Melskys, Gene, Lulu, and most importantly, Fred the Sample Guy."

    Joe Pera Talks With You centers on a fictional version of the comedian who lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and teaches middle school choir. The 11-minute episodes feature Pera talking directly to the audience about mundane topics like rocks, iron, Sunday breakfast, and sleeping.

    On his website, Pera continued, "At the same time, I thought about how lucky we were. The more I learn how TV works, the more I realize that it's kind of a miracle that our quiet, 11-minute show about rocks, beans, grocery stores, and breakfast crews got on the air and lasted as long as it did."

    Pera thanked his fans and added, "It felt like we cracked something — a different kind of tone that has now popped up a bit elsewhere. Kinda neat but also frustrating that we won't be able to continue exploring it (at least with this show). Hey, if I never make anything else, this was the show I always wanted to see and I'm glad it now exists."

    All three seasons of Joe Pera Talks With You are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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