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Fans Praise Baymax! for Featuring a Transmasculine Character Buying Menstrual Pads

While conservatives are outraged, many fans are happy to see the LGBTQ+ representation.
  • Baymax! (Photo: Disney+)
    Baymax! (Photo: Disney+)

    Disney+'s new series Baymax!, based on the robot from Big Hero Six, is making waves for its LGBTQ+ inclusion.

    In one scene, a character wearing a trans flag shirt who appears to be transmasculine is seen shopping in the tampon aisle. The moment prompted an uproar from conservatives, while other viewers have praised the series for its commitment to representation.

    The scene in question appears in the third episode of Baymax!, titled "Sofia," in which a character uses an all-genders restroom and discovers that she's just gotten her period for the first time, right before she's supposed to perform in the talent show. Robot Baymax, who specializes in healthcare, is quick to help, heading to the grocery store to buy pads and tampons.

    When he arrives, Baymax asks other shoppers for advice before selecting a product. Several offer their assistance, including a transmasculine shopper, who says, "I always get the ones with wings."

    While alt-right Twitter users labeled the scene "part of Disney's plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality," many Tweets about the moment were overwhelmingly positive.

    "Huge shoutout to this transmasc character helping baymax buy pads in the new baymax series," one user wrote. Another person said, "This is amazing! It's sooo cool to see a show talk openly about periods ... Seeing a Trans man being included is also amazing!"

    This isn't the first time conservatives have lashed out at a Disney project: right-wing pundits were also upset with the company after both Turning Red and Lightyear premiered. In Turning Red, there are a few scenes involving pads and tampons, which sparked outrage. Lightyear also featured a scene that included an on-screen kiss between two married women, prompting one Oklahoma theater to post a warning about the film.

    Despite the controversy from one side of the aisle, Baymax! is not shying away from LGBTQ+ representation, as another episode features Baymax encouraging two men to go on a date.

    Baymax! is available to stream on Disney+.

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