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The View Hosts Get Randy with 30 Straight Minutes of Sex Talk

Sex addiction, adultery, love hormones... nothing was off the table on Friday morning.
  • Star Jones brought the laughs in her triumphant return to The View Friday morning. (Photos: ABC)
    Star Jones brought the laughs in her triumphant return to The View Friday morning. (Photos: ABC)

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    After a week that felt like an eternity, the women of The View let loose with 30 full minutes of sex talk this morning. The ladies only discussed one political topic (whether China should be hosting the Winter Olympics) before moving on to lighter fare, including women who choose not to have children, the "love hormone" that may be causing sex addiction in men, and taking someone back after they commit adultery. The undoubted highlight of the episode came when guest co-host Star Jones, one of The View's original panelists, revealed (against her will) that she prefers to have sex every day, an admission that prompted a full round of jokes from Joy Behar. Who's surprised?

    The View's softball Hot Topics typically don't amount to much, but that wasn't the case on Friday, when the ladies embraced chaos and cracked joke after joke about their sex lives. A discussion about Ava DuVernay's decision not to have children or get married ended on a high note when Jones said her 16-year-old stepson, Jake, calls her "Nonni," and Behar joked her husband, Steve, uses the same term of endearment. The good vibes continued into the next segment, as Behar highlighted a new study that found "men with hyper-sexual disorder have significantly higher levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, in their system."

    "The love hormone, really? What's love got to do with it?" said Behar, as Jones joked that the study was conducted by "a bunch of men who were trying to avoid a divorce." The laughs continued as Ana Navarro added that Viagra paid for the study and Sara Haines asked why women release oxytocin during labor — "How is it that a man gets to have tons of sex and a woman has to have a baby to get the same hormone?" she asked — but things really went off the rails when Jones turned the discussion back around to women. "Does the wife enjoy it?" she said. "If the wife wants to have sex also, that's just called a good marriage."

    "What wife do you know that wants to have sex every day?" replied Behar. With that, Jones slowly turned her chair away from the table and hid her face behind her mug, prompting a round of "oohs" from the table. "Oh! The lady in red!" said Behar, as Haines clapped for "Nonni" and her husband. "On the grounds that it may incriminate me, I'm not saying anything," said Jones.

    The ladies continued to joke until the fill-in moderator threw the show to commercial. "On that note, we're going to take a break," said Behar. As the camera pulled away, the longtime co-host fanned herself with her info cards, adding, "We're just going to think about Star having sex!"

    The Day of Sex didn't end there: in the next segment, the panelists discussed whether it would be possible to forgive someone who cheated. The discussion went exactly as viewers would expect, but it boasted a rare moment of self-reflection on The View's part. "Ana's complaining today that we're talking about childbirth, whether we should get married or not, have children. Then we did sex addiction, and this topic is about adultery, and she's complaining about it," Behar said at the top of the segment. "So I would like to ask the audience ... do you want us to talk about this type of thing, or do you want us to talk about the news? I would like to know the answer."

    Navarro began to reply by saying, "Now that Star has shared she's having sex every day," but the guest co-host shut her down with a laugh. "I did not share that!" said Jones, who clarified that she was only speaking "in response" to Joy's question. "Excuse me! Y'all are not paying me, and no, I will not be the subject of the conversation at this table."

    And with that, "Y'all are not paying me" has officially been entered into The View record. More fun with Star Jones, please!

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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