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Sunny Hostin Blasts Peacock's Casey Anthony Doc: 'She's Still a Narcissistic Psychopath or Sociopath'

"I don't think we should be giving her a platform to espouse more lies," added Alyssa Farah Griffin.
  • The women of The View ripped Peacock's new Casey Anthony docuseries on Thursday. (Photos: ABC/Peacock)
    The women of The View ripped Peacock's new Casey Anthony docuseries on Thursday. (Photos: ABC/Peacock)

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    The women of The View didn't mince words Thursday morning as they eviscerated Peacock's new Casey Anthony docuseries, Where The Truth Lies.

    In the three-part docuseries, which marks Anthony's first on-camera interview since she was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee in 2011, Anthony repeated her claim that her father, George Anthony, sexually abused her as a child and suggested that he was involved in Caylee's 2008 death, allegations that the co-hosts immediately dismissed.

    "I can't stand this woman," said Ana Navarro. "I can't stand to see her face. I can't stand to hear her voice. If people want to watch that, that's up to them. If I want to watch a documentary, it will be about whales and lemmings and iguanas in the Galapagos Islands. I think it's incredibly offensive."

    Joy Behar, who had a talk show on HLN at the time, blamed the media frenzy surrounding the trial for her show's cancellation. "Suddenly, Casey Anthony became the focal point of that network, and that was the end of my show," she said. "For some reason, crime and a story like this really grabs people's attention. It does not grab my attention ... I could not stand to talk about her because she's a little liar."

    "I started my career talking about the Casey Anthony case," added Hostin. "I said in the documentary, in a cameo, that she's a narcissistic psychopath or sociopath. I gave three hours of my life to the documentary because I still wanted to hear what she came up with. She's still a narcissistic psychopath or sociopath. The therapy has not worked."

    "It took her 11 years to tell what she believes happened to her daughter," continued Hostin, before laying out Anthony's claim that her father handed her a "wet and cold and heavy" Caylee, and she took him at his word that the child would "be okay." Said The View host, "11 years and that's the crappy story you came up with?"

    Alyssa Farah Griffin agreed with her co-hosts, but she saved her harshest criticism for Peacock itself, saying, "I don't think we should be giving her a platform to espouse more lies."

    "Listen, I'm going to say something that's probably really going to freak people out," said Whoopi Goldberg, putting a cap on the discussion. "Not every mother is meant to be a mother. I'm sorry. Not every woman is meant to be a mother."

    "One of the best things said at the table is, 'If you want to watch it, go ahead,'" she added. "But you have other stuff going on in your houses. This is not something you need."

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