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Meghan McCain Erupts in Epic View Fight: 'Why Are You Cutting Me Off?!'

The View threw it back to the Rosie O'Donnell-Elisabeth Hasselbeck days with an outrageous 20-minute fight.
  • Whoopi Goldberg was not in the mood for Meghan McCain's ranting today. (Photo: ABC)
    Whoopi Goldberg was not in the mood for Meghan McCain's ranting today. (Photo: ABC)

    For The View fans, Monday, May 24 will live in infamy. This morning, Meghan McCain sent the show fully off the rails during a discussion about anti-Semitism that devolved into an epic 20-minute fight. Even a commercial break couldn't rein in McCain, as she began to take aim at her co-hosts, one by one, over the course of two segments.

    Meghan McCain spent much of the weekend Tweeting about anti-Semitism, so it was no surprise that she came out swinging on Monday morning, but no one (myself included) was quite prepared for her pent-up anger. The conservative firebrand began her monologue with a note about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who compared mask mandates to the Holocaust, noting that the discredited Republican has been "stripped of her committees" and therefore doesn't have any power in Congress. "Juxtapose [that] with Ilhan Omar, who said that Jewish people had hypnotized the world and it was all about the Benjamins, she's still on the foreign relations committee, and she's able to dictate our foreign policy in the United States of America," she said. "So, what do you expect Republicans to do? I think that's taking a lot more action against a crazy person than I would say the Democrats are doing on the left."

    McCain went on to say that she's "confused" why Greene's anti-Semitic remarks are a Hot Topic when the increase in hate crimes against Jews across the world have not gotten as much attention on the show (the panel repeatedly discussed the issue last week). "I would love if the energy that is being put on one crazy woman in Congress — and by the way, if she is the face of the Republicans, then The Squad is the face of the Democrats — I would love Democrats to put that same type of energy onto what's happening on the left," she said. "Because quite frankly, this is how people get red pilled. They're red pilled when they see the blatant bias in the media."

    As McCain continued ranting about "the media," Whoopi Goldberg audibly scoffed, and she quickly attempted to end the segment. "We're going to break and when we come back, you can continue talking," said Goldberg.

    Typically, things improve after the commercial break, but that wasn't the case Monday morning. When Goldberg gave McCain a chance to finish her point, the conservative said that anti-Semitism on the left is "a lot more insidious, and a lot more sinister, and a lot more difficult to define," a point that Goldberg took issue with. "Let me point out that when Ilhan Omar made her equally ridiculous comments, Nancy Pelosi snatched her up," said the longtime moderator.

    When McCain interrupted to say that Omar "still has power," the two began a back-and-forth that was destined for disaster. "The idea that Marjorie Taylor Green is more influential than AOC is just inaccurate! It's just not true," said McCain. "Now I don't know what you're talking about," replied Goldberg. "I understand you're upset, and I get that. But because we don't have four minutes to talk about this, I will say, again, that Ilhan Omar was taken under hand and they shook her and woke her up."

    Of course, things only got worse from there. Sunny Hostin then chimed in to say that criticizing the Israeli government "is not the same as being anti-Semitic," and she chastised McCain for "conflat[ing] Israeli politics with Judaism and Jewish hate crimes."

    "If you go up to a table of Jewish people and say, 'Who's Jewish?' and attack them, that's a hate crime," McCain fired back. "I just wish we could bring that same energy towards hate crimes directed towards Jewish people as we do with every other minority group, which we should."

    "I resent that. I resent that remark," said Joy Behar, her first (but not last) foray into the feud. "Well, I resent a lot of things, so we're even," replied McCain.

    "I've been talking about anti-Semitism on this show for 25 frickin' years," said Behar. "Don't tell me what I'm supposed to be saying, Meghan, okay? You do your things, we do ours."

    "I'm well aware we do separate things on this show, Joy. And I know you've been here for 25 years. I've been here four," replied McCain. "That's right!" said Behar. "You should have some respect for that once in a blue moon."

    Finally (finally!) Goldberg managed to get to a commercial break, but the damage was done. Definitely for the day and the week, but probably for the year, as well.

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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