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Joy Behar Takes Aim at Manchin and Sinema: Moderate Dems are 'Enemies of Democracy'

"They call themselves Democrats, and they will be the ruination of this nation," said Behar.
  • Joy Behar is none too pleased with moderate Democrats Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. (Photo: ABC)
    Joy Behar is none too pleased with moderate Democrats Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. (Photo: ABC)

    Joy Behar typically isn't the most progressive voice on The View's panel, but this morning, she put on her leftist hat and unloaded on moderates Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin. Behar said that the centrist Democrats, who are currently holding up Biden's agenda, "will be the ruination of this nation," and she insisted that the two must be "brought to task" by both the president and voters. "They are the enemies right now of the democracy," said the co-host. "Yes, we have a great democracy, but it is really on life-support right now because of these two people!"

    Behar wasted no time Wednesday morning before tearing into the moderate faction of the Democratic Party. During a discussion about testimony from top generals on Biden's Afghanistan policy, the longtime co-host changed topics entirely to address what's really "making Biden's administration shaky:" infighting among Democrats about the president's economic agenda. "The Democrats have the numbers to make it happen, but Manchin and Sinema are standing in the way," she said. "They call themselves Democrats."

    The co-host added that "Joe Manchin is never going to vote for climate change things because he gets half a million dollars a year from coal production," while Sinema attended a fundraiser with lobbyists "that fiercely oppose Biden's social and climate spending bill."

    "These people are destroying the country, in my opinion," continued Behar. "We are so much — so in trouble in this country. I don't know if people understand how dire the situation is. If Joe Biden loses, if the Democrats lose, the Republicans — who are so corrupt right now, and we all know that — they will move in. Trump will run in 2024. He might win because of all the cheating that's going on. We cannot let this happen!"

    Behar's screed inspired a spirited discussion that continued through a commercial break and into a second segment. After Sunny Hostin called Manchin and Sinema "so obstreperous that Biden cannot get the job done," Sara Haines reacted with uncharacteristic vigor, saying that the moderate Democrats' positions reflect the average voter's stance. "I don't think the progressive extremes represent the majority of Americans," said Haines.

    "Well, they want Medicare expansion. They want childcare. They want the streets and roads to be fixed up," interrupted Behar. "That's the progressive agenda!"

    Other thoughts from today's episode...

    Sara Haines Extension Watch: After making their Season 25 debut last week, Sara Haines' extensions returned to the table Wednesday morning. Could the Little Mermaid-inspired look be a plug for ABC's 50 Years of Walt Disney special?

    Brian Teta of the Day: Brian Teta has made so many appearances this week he may as well be a guest co-host (I'd take him over Caitlyn Jenner any day). This morning, The View's executive producer appeared so disinterested in whatever softball Hot Topic segment the ladies were discussing that Whoopi Goldberg felt obligated to call him out. "Do you watch the show?" asked Haines. She was half-joking, but...

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