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Boys II Men Falls Short on Celebrity Family Feud for Not Knowing a Month With Five Letters

The R&B group guessed "August."
  • Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman of the R&B group Boys II Men competed in Celebrity Family Feud Sunday night, coming up just nine points short of winning Fast Money because they could not name a month of the year with five letters.

    Morris answered "July" and Stockman answered "August."

    Upon seeing his answer, Morris said, "Aww damn. I straight up thought that — oh, man. Ugh."

    Then, as Stockman gave his answers not long after, he made a face of visible regret as soon as he said "August," adding, "Come on man, come on, come on ... Listen, it's a lot of pressure, Steve. It's a lot of pressure, man!"

    He then hung his head down and started to walk off stage before host Steve Harvey called out to him, "No, Shawn, you actually have to stay out here and deal with it."

    In the end, the team was nine points short of the 200 they needed, and Harvey went on to show that zero people guessed "July" or "August," as Stockman laid down on the floor in shame.

    The number one answer was "March."

    Celebrity Family Feud airs on ABC Sunday nights at 8 PM.

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