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Why does Brave New World have so many orgies?

  • "These orgies are constant," says Dustin Rowles of the Peacock dystopian series based on Aldous Huxley's novel of the same name. "About a month ago, I bought a year-long ad-free subscription of The Peacock upfront, and it’s good thing, because instead of commercials, Brave New World has orgies, and I don’t think I could handle both commercials and orgies, because that’s just too much time in which the plot is not advancing. Granted, the orgies are crucial to the story. Brave New World is set in a future where monogamy, childbirth, and parenting are not allowed, which is to say: Anything that might make you feel joy or anger or frustration of happiness or sadness has been outlawed, although everyone is also on a steady diet of pills that ensures that no one ever feels anything anyway. The pills come in clickers. The only thing we hear more often than the orgies is the sound of the clickers dispensing pills. Click click. The point of the orgies, of course, is to illustrate how little anyone feels. Orgies are treated like getting a cup of coffee with 12 friends." He adds: "The nightly orgies are also designed to show how tedious life in New London is, because nothing says tedious like nightly orgies so perfectly choreographed that they all look like mid-90s Madonna music videos."

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