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There are simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with all the new TV content

  • "No TV is smart enough to keep up with the whats and the wheres (never mind the whys), leaving even the most savvy viewer stuck with 'how?'" Mary McNamara says of the flood of TV shows that are coming with the arrival of new streaming services joining the already dizzying amount of content we already have. "In 2019, of course, few younger than 30 watch television in real time, and many of us cannot remember what day or time slot our favorite show occupies on linear TV," McNamara adds. "We’re all too busy chasing down the new full-series dumps on streaming services or waiting for some broadcast show to move to a streaming service and trying to figure out what streaming service that will be. Those services, meanwhile, are multiplying faster than Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise, recruiting writers with a rigor that makes the NBA look like a bunch of half-interested stoners, while continuing to spit out new 10-episode series practically every three minutes. Ten episodes you are expected to gulp down in a few days. It takes only two of these to add up to almost the same amount of time a person used to spend watching a show over the better part of a year. A year! If someone said, 'Hey, here’s the entire season of ER and you’d better watch it in four days because 20 episodes of Friends and 30 Rock are also available soon,'would George Clooney even be a movie star? Think about it."

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