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Syfy's Magical Girl Friendship Squad relies too much on typical millennial humor

  • "The inherent hurdle with TV that hitches itself to this typical millennial narrative is that in time, the humor begins to feel almost cyclical," Shannon Miller says of the new addition to Syfy's TZGZ animated block, premiering Saturday. "After all, there are only so many ways to reference Snapchat and the gig economy before the dialogue turns rote. In some ways it seems SYFY’s adult animated comedy Magical Girl Friendship Squad—a series based on existing animated shorts created by Kelsey Stephanides—understands this, choosing to spin the more touted aspects of stereotypical millennial culture with anime-inspired lore and imagery. In other, more predictable ways, it still manages to rely on some of the same well-worn tropes of generational naiveté, even it is brevity. (Six 15-minute episodes are apparently all one needs to cram in some 'millennials prefer making vision boards over finding a job' cracks.) But even with its occasionally dated quips, the charm of its cast and the faintest promise of adventure bring some promise to a show that still manages to entertain."

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