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Roseanne's production designer: It's ridiculous that the stars make millions from cancelation while the crew gets nothing

  • Roseanne set decorator Anne Ahrens and production designer John Shaffner spoke to The Washington Post about life as a TV show crew member, where there isn't much job security, even on a hit show like Roseanne. Last month, Ahrens turned down a TV job because she was returning to the hit ABC sitcom. Meanwhile Shaffner noted that crew members like those in his art department are especially hit hard because they operate as weekly hires. “The disparity of pay in our entertainment business has reached levels that are almost unimaginable,” Shaffner said of the stars of the show contracted to receive their Season 2 salaries. “I love Sara (Gilbert) and John (Goodman), and I’ve worked with Laurie (Metcalf) in the past. These are amazing talents and deserve everything they get. But when you think of them walking away with as much as $3 million for not working and nobody else getting a penny, it’s, like, what’s wrong with this world?”

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