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Parks and Recreation's Michael Schur recalls Andrew Luck's guest appearance: "He was an absolute delight"

  • The Indianapolis Colts QB stunned the NFL world when he retired Saturday night at age 29. Luck appeared on Parks and Rec in 2013 for Andy Dwyer's bachelor party, filmed at the Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. "When we were making Parks and Recreation we shot scenes with the Colts," Schur tweeted. "We were told we had maybe an hour with the players. Then Andrew Luck showed up, and he was an absolute delight. Warm, funny, generous. He threw TD passes to anyone who wanted one, just to make us happy. He talked to everyone, and smiled, and showed (Chris) Pratt how to properly grip the ball. He effortlessly dropped a 50-yard floater into Reggie Wayne’s hands in the back of the end zone as Pratt tried to cover him and it ruled. He (and his teammates) were so joyous and lovely. He made fifty fans that day. If the game isn’t bringing that guy joy anymore, it’s the game’s fault, not his. I love that he has the courage and integrity to walk away from this insane sport, and wish him nothing but health and happiness from whatever he does next."

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