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Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema weaponized Ted Lasso for political gains

  • The controversial U.S. senators' Halloween cosplay is the latest in a "rocky year for Ted Lasso fans," says Matt Schimkowitz. "We all hate this kind of petty pandering that politicians play into," says Schimkowitz. "The 'Pokémon Go To Polls-ification' of American politics is shamefully disrespectful to all the people currently being crushed by the systemic oppression of our government. Great, you watched a TV. How very human of you. Even worse, weaponizing a show that focuses its emotional core on empathy for the political gains of two people that are currently making everyone’s lives worse is a real slap in the face. To put it more elegantly, this sucks. Anyway, enjoy being haunted by these photos. It sucks, and we hate it and think you will too. Sure, this is a bit of a political post on an entertainment website, but I’m sure both sides of the aisle can agree, we adults do not want our politicians using pop culture to convince us that they’re actual people. Ted Lasso may never recover, and honestly, if this is what people get out of the show, maybe it shouldn’t."


    • Seth Meyers accuses Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema of ruining Ted Lasso: “Man, you know you’re unpopular when you can single-handedly ruin one of America’s favorite TV shows,” Meyers said on Late Night of the U.S. senators' Ted Lasso Halloween cosplay. “This is like when Rudy Giuliani ran out of the White House bathroom with his pants around his ankles George Costanza-style.” Meyers added that all this “just proves once again that we desperately need Roy Kent in Congress....because that character makes me want to ‘f*cking puke.’”
    • Why are two of the most controversial U.S. senators cosplaying as nice people?: "The irony of their supposed, feel-good, 'across the aisle' friendship is that Romney's own policy stances could have Sinema, who is openly bisexual, removed from her job," says Kylie Cheung, adding: "Arguably in some ways, Romney and Sinema reflect the worst traits of the characters they're dressed as. There's Romney's almost compulsive need to be liked by everyone, from anti-Trump Republicans and some liberals, as demonstrated by his pro-impeachment vote, to the most intolerant wings of the Republican party, as demonstrated by nearly all his policy stances. And as for Sinema, you'll recall how Rebecca spent the entire first season of Ted Lasso sabotaging her own team. Well, Sinema, in real life, has spent the past year sabotaging her own political party."

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