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Is Mad Men the most bingeworthy old show of the coronavirus quarantine?

  • While Mad Men isn't currently one of Netflix's top 10 most popular shows, research from Parrot Analytics found that its viewership spiked 30% in March and 75% in April over last year. "There’s something both specific and paradoxical about going back to Mad Men in a time of crisis," says Alison Herman. "I have the same attachment to Peggy, Pete, or Joan that I do to any fictional character I’ve spent more than a decade of my life with, but that fondness plays out against a darker emotional backdrop of ennui, anxiety, and mounting despair, whose indicative opening image is that of a man tumbling into the abyss. Isn’t that how we all feel these days?" She adds: "Beyond catharsis, Mad Men’s depiction of historical chaos can be strangely calming. After all, it’s the past; not every fictional character got a happy ending, but society itself survived and moved on, despite the not-unreasonable feeling it was in the process of disintegrating."

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