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Hacks is essentially The Devil Wears Prada but subbing out Anna Wintour for Joan Rivers

  • The HBO Max comedy is really a show about fame, not stand-up, says Olivia Cathcart. "Deborah is our Miranda Priestly, a prickly icon and veteran of the industry, and Ava is our Andy, her new employee that’s way in over her head," says Cathcart. "The similarities between the two are abundant: the interview that reveals Andy/Ava’s lack of applicable knowledge for the job, her defiant storming out/telling off that ultimately earns her the gig, the acquiring of an impossible to get trinket (Harry Potter manuscript vs. pepper shaker) for the demanding boss, the trusted and overworked gay coworker Miranda/Deborah isn’t above sacrificing if needed (Nigel vs Marcus), and their absolute refusal to cancel their day’s agenda to deal in light of personal trauma (divorce vs. death of ex husband)."

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