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Chicago Med crew members save two women from a burning building near filming location

  • The three crew members the NBC drama, including retired fire captain Ed Freemon, were setting up a filming location on the Chicago streets on Oct. 20 when they smelled smoke. "Upon investigating the smell, Freemon and rigging electricians Pauli Bianco and Chris Sammarco found the Chicago apartment building that had caught on fire," reports People's Kelly Wynne. "By the time they got there, smoke was billowing out of the structure. Freemon was the first to enter the building, and Bianco and Sammarco followed. The men, who had no fire safety equipment with them, saw a building full of thick, black smoke. Somewhere in the chaos of the burning building, they heard a woman screaming for help. On the third floor of the building, the men discovered a woman around the age of 65 trying to get help for the 92-year-old who was unable to walk down the stairs as she was in a wheelchair. The men took action to get both women out of the building as quickly as possible."

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