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Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep Headline an A-List Friday Drop

Modern Love, Living With Yourself and Laundromat are among today's high-profile new releases.
  • (Photos: Amazon and Netflix)
    (Photos: Amazon and Netflix)

    With the star-studded launches of Apple TV+ and Disney+ just weeks away, legacy streamers Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are launching several high-profile releases of their own this Friday. You know you're smack dab in the middle of Peak TV era when Gary Oldman, Catherine Keener, Armie Hammer, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas, Paul Rudd, Dakota Johnson, Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, and Meryl Streep all have prestige projects premiering in your living room on the same day.

    SERIES PREMIERE: Paul Rudd is no stranger to television, but of the many shows he appeared in before hitting it big at the movies, he never held a starring role ... until now. In Netflix's mind-bending comedy Living With Yourself, Rudd plays not one but two leading roles. Read our reviewStreaming on Netflix

    SERIES PREMIERE: Amazon's eight-episode anthology series Modern Love explores relationships new and old (failing, resurging, and at the breaking point), each of which originated as a true-life story in the much-loved New York Times column of the same name. The show's star-studded cast includes Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey,  Jophn Slattery, Catherine Keener and Fleabag's Hot Priest himself,  Andrew Scott. Read our reviewStreaming on Amazon

    MOVIE PREMIERE: Fresh off a three-week limited run in theaters, The Laundromat  stars Meryl Streep as a widow plunged into the world of insurance fraud in Director Steven Soderbergh, fully out of "retirement" and firing on all cylinders, directs a cast of A-list stars in a tale of wealth, fraud, double-crosses, tax evasion, and money laundering that circles the globe, exposing extreme corruption in the financial system that was first detailed by the Panama Papers in 2016. Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix

    SERIES PREMIERE: Based on the book by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars), Looking for Alaska follows Miles Halter (Charlie Plummer) as he learns the ropes at a new boarding school, and gets to know and love Alaska Young (Kristine Froset), even though much of her life remains a mystery to him. Watch the preview. Streaming on Hulu

    SPORTS: Game 6 of the MLB Playoffs pits the Washington Nationals against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. 8:00 PM ET on TBS

    DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: Fifty years after Judy Garland's death, the documentary Sid & Judy intersperses the unpublished memoirs of her husband Sid Luft with concert performances, film excerpts, and quotes from Garland herself, to give viewers an intimate and never before seen look at the legendary star. Watch the preview. 8:00 PM ET on Showtime

    DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: The Netflix film Tell Me Who I Am sounds more like a psychological thriller than a documentary, but it's all true. Based on the book of the same name, the film tells the story of Alex Lewis, who awoke from an accident at the age of 18 with no memory of his life. The only person he could remember was his twin brother Marcus, who slowly filled Alex in on a life and childhood that had vanished from his mind. In the years that followed, Alex came to realize that the story his brother told him omitted some of the most upsetting details of his life experience. But why? Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix

    MOVIE PREMIERE: The horror film Wounds stars Armie Hammer as Will, a bartender who begins to experience disturbing events after viewing the unsettling images and messages he discovers on a phone left behind in his New Orleans bar. Watch the preview. Streaming on Hulu


    • Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents airs two new standup specials back to back, featuring comedians Jaboukie Young-White and Vanessa Gonzalez 11:00/11:30 PM ET on Comedy Central
    • Unnatural Selection explores the world of gene editing and the ethical questions faced by major corporations and garage bound biohackers. Watch the preview. Streaming on Netflix
    • Eli is a young boy with an auto-immune disorder, who is moved into a sterile estate, only to be tormented by horrifying goings on. Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix

    Mike Attebery is Senior Editor at Primetimer and the author of seven mystery thrillers. Follow him on Twitter at @mikeattebery.

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