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Sunny Hostin Blasts 'Pro-Life' Conservatives: You're Not 'Truly Supportive of the Sanctity of Life'

Get 'em, Sunny!
  • Nuanced queen Sunny Hostin read the "pro-life" crowd for filth Friday morning. (Photo: ABC)
    Nuanced queen Sunny Hostin read the "pro-life" crowd for filth Friday morning. (Photo: ABC)

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    The View's Sunny Hostin ended the week on a high note with a speech aimed directly at conservatives who insist they're "pro-life," yet refuse to do anything to help the living. The co-host was clear that being "truly supportive of the sanctity of life" also means calling for an end to the death penalty and supporting gun restrictions, a living wage, and free school lunches, among other policies.

    While Hostin, who is Catholic, personally doesn't believe in abortion, she's supportive of a woman's right to choose and policies to protect reproductive rights, and she made her position clear on Friday's show. After Joy Behar brought up a woman on Fox News who argued that free school lunch is harming children ("Once the kid is there, then they drop you," Behar said), Hostin pointed out the "inconsistency" of the GOP's pro-life stance.

    "If you are truly supportive of the sanctity of life, then you are against abortion. You are against the death penalty. You are against the use of guns," she said. "You are in support of a living wage. You are in support of free school lunch."

    "That is what it truly means: you are in support of the sanctity of life," continued Hostin. "And so any conservative, in my view, that is against that is not pro-life."

    Other thoughts from today's episode...

    Sara Haines Extension Watch: For the second day this week, Haines looked like she snatched a wig from a high school drama club. ABC, please help this poor woman.

    Amy Klobuchar Keeps It Tame: Joy Behar made her feelings about senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin clear when she asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar about the reconciliation bill hold-up — "These two senators are the enemy of the Democratic Party right now," repeated Behar — but Klobuchar didn't take the bait. "I'm going to suppress my inner Joy here," she said with a laugh, before noting that her job "is to bring people together." Lame.

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