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Netflix's Alien Worlds Trailer Applies Real Science to Imagine Life on Other Planets

  • Ever since humanity figured out that other planets exist, the instinct to wonder what life might be like on those planets has fueled our imaginations as well as our fears. Little green men, space monsters, droids, Thanos... the possibilities seem limitless.

    Those are the possibilities that the new Netflix series Alien Worlds will explore. "Astronomers think it's only a matter of time before some alien life forms are discovered. By applying the laws of life on Earth, it's possible to imagine what could live on alien worlds. How might life adapt on a different world? Perhaps there's an alien civilization already headed for Earth. What sort of alien life might exist in the vastness of space?"

    Using gorgeous CG animation, that sort of life is given form.

    Alien Worlds premieres December 2 on Netflix.

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