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Why a reboot of The Office is a bad idea: “We've yet to reach a sufficient period of absence to allow the heart to grow fonder”

  • It’s only been four years since The Office signed off, as Daniel Fienberg notes. And what made The Office so special, he says, was that it “had an amazing ensemble cast, and they've mostly gone on to be amazing elsewhere. That's the reward for being part of an amazing ensemble, not being pulled back to where you started by a (lucrative) tractor beam.” This isn’t like the Will & Grace reboot, which was a response to Trump’s America. “Even in its prime,” Fienberg adds, “The Office was never as big a hit as Will & Grace, and it definitely left the air seemingly with very little remaining juice after two seasons without original American star Steve Carell. It had a really great finale that brought Carell's Michael Scott back one last time and also gave basically every character an emotional and satisfying resting spot. It was completely on its own terms. It left no meaningful questions (unless you need Scranton Strangler resolution). And it was only four years ago.”


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