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SNL made Will Forte seem "ordinary"

  • "The only sketch that really captured the Will Forte-in-a-bottle magic was his monologue," Dennis Perkins says of the Saturday Night Live alum returning to host for the first time. "Running down all the former cast mates who’ve hosted SNL before him, Forte channeled his manic energy into a very funny and Forte-like blank-eyed staredown of barely repressed resentment. Noting how, of the ridiculously stacked in retrospect stars of Forte’s eight seasons, his first call to host came after everyone from Andy Samberg, to Jason Sudeikis, to Fred Armisen, to Kristen Wiig (twice), to Bill Hader (also twice), to Seth Meyers (just an Update guy!), and even John Mulaney (four times—for a writer?!) got their turn, Forte was the portrait of thwarted glory. That Wiig came out to steal his thunder (and roles from an even more underused cast than usual) was only exacerbated by Lorne showing up in the audience to claim that autocorrect was responsible for Forte being booked in the first place...Forte is singular in a way a lot of his illustrious former cast standouts are. For Forte, it’s all about desperately tamped-down mania and laser-focused, disquieting excess. But, man, does Saturday Night Live squander what they’ve got here, shoving Forte into a series of awfully generic roles that could have been filled by almost anybody. The threesome sketch is most illustrative, as Forte’s Cialis-chugging professional third is merely mildly grotesque as he preps married couple Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner for their big, very sweaty night. Repeatedly referring to Day’s Tate as 'Taint' and unbuttoning his loud swinger’s blouse over his tummy is all comic sleazeball 101, with only the joke of Forte’s Gannon testing out the hotel bed’s durability allowing a glimpse of Forte being Forte."


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