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Ramy misses the mark with its depiction of Muslim women

  • "The illustrations of the majority of the Muslim women in Ramy’s life are focused on all the things they seemingly can’t do," says Shamira Ibrahim of Ramy Youssef's Hulu comedy. "These representations are divorced from reality; Muslim women are indeed varied and complicated, but portraying them as largely absent of agency, or somehow wholly separate from the temptations or crises that Ramy himself navigates, excludes them from the modern Millennial existence in a way that rings false. The lives of Muslim women aren’t exclusively dominated by forlorn conversations about potential suitors and their proclivities; women are mobilizing and advocating for their people in the face of rising oppression, breaking barriers in sports and modeling, and engaging in their day-to-day lives on their own terms. They are defining their identities in a world often committed to making them feel that they should be in despair. Ramy executes its male narratives with wit and precision. It’s unfortunate that, so far, the show fails to demonstrate that Muslim women’s stories can be more than a sympathetic canvas of unfulfilled dreams."

    TOPICS: Ramy, Hulu, Ramy Youssef, Muslim Americans and TV